Who is Castaway Island Excursions?

Who is Castaway Island Excursions?

Castaway Island Excursions is a true family owned and operated business. Castaway was created with the hope of providing Charleston locals and tourists alike an opportunity to experience all that the South Carolina low country has to offer.

Our founder, Hailey Cooksey, is a third generation Charleston native. She grew up playing in the local waterways every day from trudging through the pluff mud to kayaking and exploring for hours on end. Hailey’s family owns Crosby’s, a seafood market that has operated on Folly Beach since 1973. Growing up in a seafood family, Hailey did not just play in the water, but she has also worked it – from crabbing, oystering, and fishing to serving customers in the seafood market her whole life. One could say that the saltwater runs through her veins and she prides herself on being able to share with you all her knowledge and all of the unique parts of Charleston and Folly that she and her family has cherished for so long.

There is no other beauty quite like that of Folly Beach. From the quirky locals, gorgeous scenery, long beaches, stunning sunsets, and abundant wildlife that fills the rivers and creeks, there is no lack of excitement.

At Castaway, we are lucky enough to share Crosby’s prime location with them on the Folly Creek. Our location allows us to launch our kayaks and paddleboards straight from our back door for direct access to all of the adventure. From nearby tidal creeks that are filled with oysters and various sea life to the historic Morris Island Lighthouse you can see it all with us. Get an up close view of native birds such as Pelicans and American Oystercatchers, frolicking dolphins, and crabs of all varieties. The smell of the salt air, marsh grass, and pluff mud will fill you with a sense of serenity and desire to see more. Time always seems to stand still when out on the water.

Here at Castaway we strive to provide everyone with the opportunity to explore and adventure our local waters and create unforgettable memories. No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, we can accommodate all levels.

Castaway strives to carry only American made boats and boards and to shop and support local businesses. We also promise to support our local community as much as possible through fundraising events and group activities while also raising environmental awareness and protecting the beauty of Charleston.