Who doesn’t love springtime in the low country…azaleas and jasmine blooming, the ocean water warming up, dolphins playing, warm days and cool nights. To us at Castaway, springtime means the start of our season. As soon as the weather begins to warm and the daylight lingers, we head out on the water to adventure our local creeks and rivers. The best part about spring paddles is the chance to see all of the new wildlife that are coming out of their winter slum and the new creatures that are being born in the local waterways. From tiny shrimp jumping in the shallows, menhaden and mullet popping on top of the water, baby dolphins frolicking, and young shore birds learning to feed on small fish…there is plenty of excitement happening out on the water.

During the spring, you may also get the chance to see a local blue crab doing its annual “molting.” Once the water starts getting warm, blue crabs molt, shedding their old shells so that they have the room to grow bigger. Once they come out of their old shell they are super soft, this is when most locals harvest the crab and eat them as a “soft shell crab.” If you’re lucky, while you are out paddling on the water, you may get to see crabs going through this fascinating process up on the banks during low tide. It is such a unique experience-one that can only be seen in late March and April. And then after our paddle, you can head to Crosby’s to purchase a soft shell crab yourself to take home and enjoy or go to one of the many local restaurants that serve this delicacy.

Who needs cell phones, video games, and Netflix when you can get out and see what excitement mother nature has to offer? Get outside, come visit us, and let’s explore. You never know what you might see or get to experience up close.